British WWII Commando Gallantry Awards

Records: 585 · Complete: 100%


After France fell in 1940, the British government sought to establish fighting groups that could conduct raids in German-occupied Europe. Initially the Commando force was voluntary. Response was overwhelming, and the Commandos proved highly successful in penetrating behind enemy lines. The Commandos took part in all the European major actions in WWII. To be a Commando required a high level of physical fitness and the ability to work in small groups behind enemy lines. Their work was so effective that Hitler issued the Commando Order stating that all Commando units should be annihilated.

This indexed collection contains a comprehensive record of British Commandos who were recipients of gallantry awards during WWII. Medals awarded include 10 Victoria Crosses, 32 Distinguished Service Orders, 135 Military Crosses, 46 Distinguished Conduct Medals, and 289 Military Medals, with full citations where published in the London Gazette. The collection is organized alphabetically by recipient’s name. The indexed records include rank, regiment, medal awarded, and citation date.