Fold3® Training Center

    Profile Pages

    Each Member of Fold3 has a public Profile Page that displays basic information about them and a list of their contributions to the site.

    Your Profile

    You can update your profile to:

    • Include a photo that represents you.
    • Specify your general location.
    • Share your interests in the About Me section.
    • Choose whether or not to allow other members to contact you.

    In addition, your Profile Page shows the contributions you have made to Fold3, including:

    • Annotations, connections and comments you have made
    • Memorials you have created
    • Images you have uploaded

    Other Members' Profiles

    Profile Pages of other members can be a great way to find interesting information. When you see contributions added by other Fold3 members, you will see their image and member name next to it. Clicking on the Member name will take you to their profile page where you will find a full list of contributions they have made to Fold3.

    When you find other members with interests similar to yours, you can contact them to get more information or share an insight, if they have that feature enabled.