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    What is the difference between Browse and Search?

    Browse simply allows you to browse all the collections (we call them publications) available in your desired research area. For example, if you're searching WWII records, you can browse all WWII collections and then you can start to narrow the results by adding filters like country, military branch, or type of record. Simply stated, "browse" is a great way to see what collections are available, and "search" is the best way to look for individual records.

    How does it work?

    When you use browse, you'll see a column on your left. This is where you'll add filters. You can then scroll down through the column on the right to see any collection available that contains relevant records. Browse is a great way to explore less familiar collections.

    You can also search directly from any level in browse by using the Search box at the top. Searching from Browse automatically filters your search to only include results from the publication title you are browsing.

    As you click on selections in the browse categories, you may see an info button () appear next to the publication name. This Info button will take you the the title publication information page which includes a description and more details, sample images, record completion and count and source information.

    If you drill down to the Page level, selecting the thumbnail image of a page that interests you will open it in the document Viewer for easier inspection.

    Browse documents with the Fold3 browse

    Using Browse in the Viewer

    The Viewer has a built-in browse tool to easily navigate to other documents or images. Click on the oval image location box at the top of the Viewer to open Browse.

    Browse in the Fold3 Viewer

    For additional information on browse read our blog post, We've Updated our Fold3 Browse.