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    Memorials are an excellent way to remember the People,Topics, Events,Places and Organizations from your past. Fold3 has millions of Memorials created from our vast collection of records to give you a head start. You can add information to an existing Memorial or easily create a new Memorial from any record on Fold3. You can even create one from scratch. Memorials make it easy to share and collaborate with others, and you can make as many as you would like.

    Memorials also have the added feature of honoring military heroes from your family. Just add the military service information to a person Memorial and watch the page transform with conflict-specific backgrounds, military seals, flags and data.

    Use Memorials to:

    • Remember those from your past and present
    • Write a biography or memorial for a favorite person
    • Share photos, stories, and facts about your ancestors with family and friends
    • Collaborate with others
    • Highlight and collect documents you find on Fold3

    What you can do on Memorials:

    • Attach pictures and documents
    • Connect to other Memorials or add web links
    • Easily gather facts or organize details
    • Attach image and index records from Fold3
    • Tell stories and include photos
    • Optionally prevent others from modifying or contributing to pages you create
    • Save a link to your page on your Ancestry tree
    • Create special Military Memorials to honor the veterans in your family