Fold3® Training Center

    Your Tags

    You can organize all of your research and content using Fold3® Tags. Tags give you the ability to group items together that can be easily searched and recalled.


    How Do I Add Tags? Tags can be added from your Gallery, from Memorials, or from any individual record. Just look for this tag icon or click on the words “Add tags.”



    When you click on the tag icon, a dialogue box appears that allows you to add a new custom tag or select from a tag you’ve previously used.



    Add as many tags as you would like to each record.


    From Your Gallery, you can also make changes, edits, or delete Tags when you click on “Manage your Tags.” To delete Tags, just click on the garbage can icon. To edit Tags, click on the Tag and make any desired edits.


    How Do I View the Records I’ve Tagged? Once you have created tags, you can quickly access the records you’ve tagged under “Your Tags.” Simply click on the desired tag. In this example, we created a collection and tagged it “Color WWII.”



    When we click on the Color WWII tag, our collection of Color WWII photographs appears in the gallery, and we can search the content using the search box.




    We hope you enjoy using the Fold3® Your Gallery and Tag features to organize your military research and records.