Rendezvous Reports Index - Before and After Civil War

Records: 170,986 · Complete: 100%

This is an alphabetical card index with the name of the sailor, his rendezvous station or vessel, the date of return, the page on which his name is recorded within the report, and his record of naval service with dates and locations. Rendezvous reports are the Navy's equivalent of Army enlistment registers.

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"Index to Rendezvous Reports, Before and After the Civil War, 1846-1861, 1865-1884" database with images Fold3 ( accessed January 17, 2021)

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Rendezvous Reports Index - Before and After Civil War
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170,986 · Complete: 100%
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30 Sep 2013
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NARA T1098. An index to rendezvous reports from before the Civil War (1846-1861) to after the Civil War (1865-1884).