Indian and Mexican American Wars

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Since arriving in North America, European settlers have experienced conflict with neighboring countries and Native American tribes. The first British colonists settled in coastal areas, but as more settlers arrived, they began to expand west. This led to conflict with Native American tribes whose traditional way of life had already been disturbed by the Europeans. Beginning in the seventeenth century, conflicts between Native Americans and European settlers led to death, destruction, and loss of tribal lands for Native Americans. Collectively known as the Indian Wars, these skirmishes and battles lasted several centuries. In addition to conflict with native tribes, Americans clashed with Mexico after supporting the annexation of Texas into the United States. Fueled by Manifest Destiny, Americans wanted to settle in Texas and further west in California and Oregon. After several skirmishes near the Nueces and Rio Grande Rivers, Mexico agreed to the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, which ceded 525,000 square miles to the US for $15 million.

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