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Amistad - Supreme Court records record example

Amistad - Supreme Court records

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These records contain correspondence and court documents of the Supreme Court case related to the "Amistad." Claims of salvage of the ship, cargo, and slaves on board were decided by the Supreme Court in 1841. The case was a flash point for the abolitionist movement of the time. Handwritten records of this landmark case illuminate the conflict over slavery at that time, and are good examples of the operation of the US judicial system. The case was popularized in Steven Spielberg's 1997 movie.

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Example Records

Attorney General's Summary and Opinion
Attorney General's Summary and Opinion
Decree of the Court Freeing the Africans
Decree of the Court Freeing the Africans

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Fold3, Amistad - Supreme Court records ( : accessed June 5, 2023), database and images,

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Amistad - Supreme Court records
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1,025Complete: 100%
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NARA M2012. This Supreme Court case deals with issues of salvage of the "Amistad," a ship carrying slaves seized by the US Navy in 1839.