Fenian Raids

    over 2.4 million records

    Fenian Raids Bounty Lists
    The Fenian Raids Bounty Lists is a collection which consists of bounty lists for veterans who claimed land grants for having served during the Fenian Raids of 1866 to 1871 in Canada.
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    Ireland, Royal Hospital Kilmainham Pensioner Discharge Documents
    Pensioners' certificates from the Royal Kilmainham Hospital in Ireland.
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    UK, Courts Martial Registers
    Various UK naval and military courts martial registers, including records from Naval, Field General, Military, District and General Courts.
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    UK, Military Deserters
    Lists of UK deserters from 1812 to 1927.
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    UK, Military Records of Baptisms, Confirmations, Marriages and Burials, 1813-1957
    This collection contains registrations of baptisms, confirmations, marriages, banns, and burials for individuals who served in the British military, including those stationed overseas. This collection is unique in that the original records were recorded by military chaplains. Because of this, the collection combines the level of detail you find in parish records with the uniformity of civil registrations.
    UK, Royal Hospital Chelsea Pensioner Admission and Discharge Records, 1715-1925
    Contains registers from the Royal Hospital Chelsea of discharged soldiers.
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