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New York 3rd Infantry, Company C (Union)

  • Number Of Soldiers:473
  • Most Common Residence:
    • Albany County, New York01 Jan 1861(10 soldiers)
    • Albany County, New York01 Jan 1890(18 soldiers)
  • Died In Unit:18(4%)
  • Died In War:34(7%)
  • Wounded:10(2%)
  • First Enlistment Date:22 Jul 1858(1 soldier)
  • Most Common Enlistment Date:14 May 1861(82 soldiers)
  • Most Common Enlistment Place:Ontario County, New York(481 soldiers)
  • Muster In Date:14 May 1861
  • Muster In Date:25 Aug 1865
  • Most Common Muster Out Date:28 Aug 1865(81 soldiers)

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