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Louisiana 9th Infantry Colored Troops (Union)


Organized - Louisiana 9th Infantry Colored Troops - Louisiana


Battle - Vicksburg - Vicksburg, Mississippi


In mid-May, 1863, after six months of unsuccessful attempts, Maj. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant's Army of the Tennessee finally converged on Vicksburg, defended by a Confederate army under Lt. Gen. John C. Pemberton. Capture of the Mississippi River town was critical to Union control of the strategic river. Vicksburg was located on a high river bluff defended with artillery, and Pemberton's men had constructed a series of fortifications in an 8-mile arc surrounding the city on the landward side. After crossing the…READ MORE


Battle - Milliken's Bend - Madison Parish, Louisiana

Milliken's Bend
Milliken's Bend

On June 6, 1863, Col. Hermann Lieb with the African Brigade and two companies of the 10th Illinois Cavalry made a reconnaissance toward Richmond, Louisiana just west of the Mississippi River opposite Vicksburg. Lieb encountered enemy troops at the Tallulah railroad depot and drove them back but then retired, fearing that many more Rebels might be near. Lieb formed his men into a battle line at Milliken's Bend on the river and prepared to meet the pursuing enemy. The 23rd Iowa Infantry and two gunboats came…READ MORE


Battle - Young's Point - Youngs Point, Louisiana


Mustered Out - Louisiana 9th Infantry Colored Troops - Louisiana

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