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    U.S. Morning Reports 1912-1946

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    United States Army Morning Reports 1912-1946.
    A morning report is a company level daily report documenting the status changes for assigned personnel and summarizes the reporting unit's military daily strength.

    Details in each report will contain more information later during the WWII years and less information for individuals for WWI years. Initially the morning reports were handwritten in cursive on pre-formatted cards. About the year 1943 the Army required the reports to be typed.

    Morning reports may contain the following types of information: strength of the unit, ration account, remarks concerning the Army, Army Air Corps, and Army Air Force military service members. The report typically details name, rank, arm of service, service number, and any changes to unit strength by listing a brief description of the change (i.e., discharge, reassignment, hospitalization, absence, and return from absence) for effected service members.

    Index Reels contain a set of 119 microfilm reels with a summary of information on a punch card noting dates and units relating to the morning reports microfilm.

    The World War I (WWI) morning reports for individual service members may report the last name only.

    The World War II (WWII) morning reports may also include the service members' morale, unit activities, or physical/geographic location under the 'record of events' section.

    After the 1973 fire, morning reports have been used more broadly by the Department of Veteran Affairs and the National Archives researching benefit eligibility for veterans whose records were consumed in the fire.

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