Twilight movie filming sites

Twilight movie filming sites


Filming of the movie Twilight

  • Portland, Oregon

In Twilight book, the story took place in Forks, Washington. But the movie Twilight, was filmed mostly in the  Portland Area.  The Twilight movie were filmed in the following locations in Oregon and Washington.

High school scene - Kalama HS in Kalama Washington ( see pictures ). Kalama High School was shown in Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse.

The water fall scene - Multnomah Falls in Columbia River Gorge 20 miles east of Portland (see pictures )

The prom scene - View Point Inn in Columbia River Gorge,  near Corbitt, Oregon ( see pictures and link ).

The beach scene - Cannon Beach, Oregon ( see pictures ).

Charlie Swan's house - 184 S 6th St, Saint Helens, OR ( see picture )

Scenes for Port Angeles -  The shopping trip for the prom dress were filmed in Saint Helens. OR. The bookstore, the prom dress shop, and the alley where Bella was met by a gang and the restaurent were located in St. Helen.

Police station - The police station where Sheiff Swan worked was filmed in Veronia, OR.

Boatman getting attacked by the vampire trio - It was filmed in Oregon City.

The bridge shown in the opening scene, showing Bella arriving in Forks - The Bridge of Gods in Cascade Locks, Oregon.

Bella and Edward standing on the branch of tall tree - Cape Horn on the Washington side of Columbia River Gorge (see photo)

Fork High School

  • Kalama Washington
A scene captured from Twilight DVD showing Bella heading for the woods with Edward following behind. In the woods, Bella asked"How long have you being 17" . Edward response was "a long time!" For the actual site, see the picture titled "Bella to woods"

The high school scenes in Twilight Movies were filmed in Kalama High School in Kalama, Washington, 25 miles north of Portland Oregon.

The image for this page show both the DVD images from Eclipse and Twilight then followed by the actual site where the movies were filmed.

View Point Inn for the prom scenes

  • Corbett, Oregon

In the movie Twilight, the prom scenes were filmed in the View Point Inn in the city of Corbett, OR. The gazebo where Edward and Bella were dancing was a temperary movie set and was not a part of View Point Inn.

The View Point Inn is located near the famous Vista House where a scene from 1986 movie, the Short Circuit was filmed.

Multnomah Falls

  • Multnomah Falls, Oregon

The Multnomah Falls is located 25 miles east of Portland Oregon, in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge.  It is over 800 feet high and was shown in the movie Twilgiht in the following scenes:

1. It was shown in scene where Edward and Bella was in a jeep on their way to the Vampire baseball games.

2. It was in the background for the scene where Bella and Edward were talking on the banks of Columbia River.

3. In the credit and the end of the movie

Filming of New Moon and Eclipse

  • vancouver, British Columbia

The Twilight New Moon and Eclipse were filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia. The city of Vancouver and the Candian government offered huge monetary reward for the filrm to be filmed in Canada. The states of Oregon and Washington faced budget shortfalls and was not able to offer financial incentives.  Once again, Forks, WA, was once again lefted out of the loop, as did Oregon, Washington and USA.

Maybe someday, American will learn to boycott movie studios and companies that out sources jobs to other counties. Although Canada might not count, since it is our 51th state!

Bella Swan's home

  • Saint Helen, Oregon

The Bella Swan's home is located at 184 6th St. St. Helen, Oregon.  The image for this page show both the DVD images from New Moon and First Twilight then followed by the actual site where the movies were filmed.

Also fllmed near Bella Swan's house are the scenes for the "Port Angeles" such as  the prom dress shop, the book store, the parking lot where Bella was confronted by 4 men and the restaurent where Edward and Bella ate.

    Forks, Washington has less than 90 sunny day, a great place for vampires.