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Bella and Edward at Water Fall

Twilight movie filming sites

Twilight Movie parking lot sceneAdded by: Edward1026Twilight Movie parking lot scene
Bella and Edward at Water FallAdded by: Edward1026Bella and Edward at Water Fall
The site of the Gazebo in prom scene  of TwilightAdded by: Edward1026The site of the Gazebo in prom scene of Twilight
Multnomah Falls near Portland OregonAdded by: Edward1026Multnomah Falls near Portland Oregon
Multnomah FallsAdded by: Edward1026Multnomah Falls
Bridge of the Gods over Columbia RiverAdded by: Edward1026Bridge of the Gods over Columbia River
Columbia  River GorgeAdded by: Edward1026Columbia River Gorge
Filming TwilightAdded by: Edward1026Filming Twilight
Prom scene from the MovieAdded by: Edward1026Prom scene from the Movie
Fork High School in the movieAdded by: Edward1026Fork High School in the movie
The View point  Inn inTwilight movieAdded by: Edward1026The View point Inn inTwilight movie
Beach scene filming siteAdded by: Edward1026Beach scene filming site
beach scene from movieAdded by: Edward1026beach scene from movie
Tree scene from the movieAdded by: Edward1026Tree scene from the movie
Bella  Swan  House in movieAdded by: Edward1026Bella Swan House in movie
Fork High School  parking lotAdded by: Edward1026Fork High School parking lot
Twilight Prom SceneAdded by: Edward1026Twilight Prom Scene
view from View point InnAdded by: Edward1026view from View point Inn
Site of the Gazebo.Added by: Edward1026Site of the Gazebo.
Bella Swan homeAdded by: Edward1026Bella Swan home
Bella Swan's homeAdded by: Edward1026Bella Swan's home
Bella's parking spot when van hit her.Added by: Edward1026Bella's parking spot when van hit her.
Fork High SchoolAdded by: Edward1026Fork High School
DVD_Bella_just_before_van.jpgAdded by: Edward1026DVD_Bella_just_before_van.jpg
Van is about to hit BellaAdded by: Edward1026Van is about to hit Bella
Eclipse DVD showing Fork HSAdded by: Edward1026Eclipse DVD showing Fork HS
The VanAdded by: Edward1026The Van
Bella Swan homeAdded by: Edward1026Bella Swan home
New Moon, Bella homeAdded by: Edward1026New Moon, Bella home
Swan houseAdded by: Edward1026Swan house
Fork high schoolAdded by: Edward1026Fork high school
Bella Swan's High SchoolAdded by: Edward1026Bella Swan's High School
Bella entering woodAdded by: Edward1026Bella entering wood
DVD_Bella_to_woods.jpgAdded by: Edward1026A scene captured from Twilight DVD showing Bella heading for the woods with Edward following behind. In the woods, Bella asked"How long have you being 17" . Edward response was "a long time!" For the actual site, see the picture titled "Bella to woods"
Cannon Beach, OregonAdded by: Edward1026Cannon Beach, Oregon
Prom dress storeAdded by: Edward1026Prom dress store
Twilight - book storeAdded by: Edward1026Twilight - book store
DVD capture of BookstoreAdded by: Edward1026DVD capture of Bookstore
Bella  threatenedAdded by: Edward1026Bella threatened
DVD - Bella threatenedAdded by: Edward1026DVD - Bella threatened
DVD - Fork Police DepartmentAdded by: Edward1026DVD - Fork Police Department
Fork Police StationAdded by: Edward1026Fork Police Station
lol.jpgAdded by: prichmad000175The people that live there actually put this sign out! LOL