Tuscan Families of Maine Beginnings 1787

Tuscan Families of Maine Beginnings 1787 - Stories


Calvin Tuscan - The son of John A. Tuscan...This is my line.

  • Bingham, Maine

Calvin is the son of John and Nancy Tuscan of Bingham, Maine. He is one of 6 of their children.  The names are: Calvin - b. 1812, Luther - b. 1815, Fidella - b. 1817, Lucinda - b. 1819, John - b 1823, Francis(Frank)- b. 1826

Calvin married Lydia Hodgdon. My Tuscan Line descends from Calvin Tuscan.   ON this Footnote site, I found the name Joseph Tuscan for the time period.. and wonder, if Joseph could be a father to our John Tuscan.

Is Jean Joseph Marie Toscan our John Tuscan's Father? 1787 NH, Me, Mass. ??

    We are trying to find out who the parents of our John A. Tusan are!  John A. Tuscan m. Nancy Merrow in 1810 in Athens , Me.   We have been wondering if Jean Joseph Marie Toscan, Vice Consul from France to Portsmouth , NH, could be our John's father.  Jean Toscan was in the New England Area during the time period our John was born.  Jean though was married to Elizabeth French Parrott, somewhere around the time period of 1790 but where together as a couple during the time period of our John's birth.  But, again we are not sure.

    There was a John Tuscan in Scotland but not here to our knowledge during the time period of our John's birth.  There are Tuscans in England, and Austrailia but again , not our time period.  I request if anyone has any information to please contact me.  Any help in our search would be greatly appreciated.   Thank you!