Auschwitz Concentration Camp

    Auschwitz1.jpgAdded by: ClioThe sign reads "Work will make you free"
    Auschwitz-suitcases.jpgAdded by: ClioSuitcases that belonged to people deported to the Auschwitz camp. This photograph was taken after Soviet forces liberated the camp. Auschwitz, Poland, after January 1945. — National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, Md.
    Auschwitz2.jpgAdded by: ClioAuschwitz2.jpg
    Auschwitz3.jpgAdded by: ClioHungarian Jews on their way to the gas chambers. Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland, May 1944. — Yad Vashem Photo Archives
    Auschwitz4.jpgAdded by: ClioSoon after liberation, a Soviet physician examines Auschwitz camp survivors. Poland, February 18, 1945. — Federation Nationale des Deportes et Internes Resistants et Patriots
    Auschwitz_wc.jpgAdded by: ClioAuschwitz_wc.jpg
    Auschwitz-sorting.jpgAdded by: ClioAuschwitz-sorting.jpg
    Auschwitz-rollcall.jpgAdded by: ClioAuschwitz-rollcall.jpg
    Auschwitz-prisoners.jpgAdded by: ClioA transport of Jews from Hungary arrives at Auschwitz-Birkenau. Poland, May 1944. — Yad Vashem Photo Archive
    Auschwitz-glasses.jpgAdded by: ClioAuschwitz-glasses.jpg
    Auschwitz-children.jpgAdded by: ClioSoon after liberation, surviving children of the Auschwitz camp walk out of the children's barracks. Poland, after January 27, 1945. — United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
    Auschwitz-child.jpgAdded by: ClioSoon after liberation, an emaciated child survivor is carried out of camp barracks by Soviet first-aid workers. Auschwitz, Poland, after January 27, 1945. — La Documentation Francaise
    Auschwitz Gallows of WW-2.jpgAdded by: FighterGloryAuschwitz Gallows of WW-2.jpg
    Auschwitz-blackwall.jpgAdded by: ClioThe Black Wall, between Block 10 (left) and Block 11 (right) in the Auschwitz concentration camp, where executions of inmates took place. Poland, date unknown. — United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
    Treinbord Westerbork-Auschwitz.jpgAdded by: 23archiefdingenTrain-board Westerbork-Auschwitz (Museum Memorial Center Camp Westerbork)
    A portret of Fanny Philips from Vught in the Netherlands died 17-09-1943 in AuschwitzAdded by: 23archiefdingenFanny Philips, a Dutch Jewish girl, lived in Vught near 's-Hertogenbosch and died in Auschwitz 17-09-1943 (BHIC, FOTOVU.1720B)
    1024px-Jews_from_Carpathian_Ruthenia_in_Auschwitz.jpgAdded by: jenny_ashcraftJews from Subcarpathian Rus await selection on the ramp at Auschwitz-Birkenau
    Auschwitz_Resistance_280_cropped.jpgAdded by: jenny_ashcraftCropped from one of four photographs taken inside the Auschwitz concentration camp in German-occupied Poland, part of a series known as the Sonderkommando photo
    Crematorium_IV_in_Auschwitz-Birkenau.jpgAdded by: jenny_ashcraftCrematorium IV in Auschwitz-Birkenau.jpg
    800px-Construation_of_crematorium_II_in_Auschwitz.jpgAdded by: jenny_ashcraftConstruction of crematorium II in Auschwitz
    lossy-page1-1024px-Auschwitz_III_(Buna)_-_Monowice,_Poland_-_NARA_-_305913.tif.jpgAdded by: jenny_ashcraftAuschwitz III (Buna) - Monowice, Poland