Mierzejewski 400.jpg

    Roman Mierzejewski

    World War II · US Army

    United States of America
    img123.jpgAdded by: firemier4975Roman Mierzejewski during flight training in TX summer 1942
    img087.jpgAdded by: firemier497515 year old Roman in front of family home in New Bedford, MA
    IMG_0585.JPGAdded by: firemier4975Roman returning from his first solo flight, Corsicana, TX. He was in Class 42-K
    Mierzejewski 400.jpgAdded by: firemier497518 year old Roman a few weeks before turning 19 and being Commissioned.
    2 DEC 12.jpgAdded by: firemier4975Roman's grave on what would of been his 89th birthday
    42-11102 - Page 242-11102 - Page 2
    42-11102 - Page 342-11102 - Page 3
    42-11102 - Page 442-11102 - Page 4
    42-11102 - Page 542-11102 - Page 5
    42-11102 - Page 642-11102 - Page 6
    42-11102 - Page 742-11102 - Page 7
    Massachusetts - Page 9Massachusetts - Page 9
    Corsicana, spring 42.jpgAdded by: firemier4975Roman at Corsicana, TX, primary flight training, spring 1942
    Corsicana.jpgAdded by: firemier4975Mural in Corsicana, TX honoring the Primary flight school
    Foster Field, fall 42.jpgAdded by: firemier4975Foster Field, fall 42, tail number of plane matches house number of Roman's New Bedford, MA home
    img008.jpgAdded by: firemier4975325th FG HQ early 1943 N. Africa
    Mierzejewski 28 JUN.JPGAdded by: firemier4975From the ABMC
    Ray's Diploma.jpgAdded by: firemier4975Ray's Diploma awarded about about 55 years after his death
    Uncle Ray DEC 42.jpgAdded by: firemier4975Roman and 2 other newly Commissioned Officers DEC 42
    Uncle Ray's story.jpgAdded by: firemier4975Article from Friend's Magazine about Roman
    WWII MAR APR 13.jpgAdded by: firemier4975Article from WWII magazine
    Roman The_Boston_Globe_Mon__Aug_16__1943_.jpgAdded by: firemier4975Roman The_Boston_Globe_Mon__Aug_16__1943_.jpg
    RomanThe_Boston_Globe_Sat__Jun_3__1944_.jpgAdded by: firemier4975RomanThe_Boston_Globe_Sat__Jun_3__1944_.jpg
    Ray missing.jpgAdded by: firemier4975Ray missing.jpg
    Ray killed.jpgAdded by: firemier4975Ray killed.jpg
    mierzejewski.jpgAdded by: firemier4975Visiting Uncle Ray's grave 28 June 2015
    325th wreath sicily rome.jpgAdded by: firemier4975wreath placed by 325th Fighter Group to honor and remember all those who are 'forever overseas."
    mierzejewski 1.jpgAdded by: firemier4975Flowers placed 28 June 2013
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    Scan1_0001.jpgAdded by: firemier4975Corsicana, TX
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    img102.jpgAdded by: firemier4975Ray's boyhood home in New Bedford, MA
    img124.jpgAdded by: firemier4975during pre-flight at Kelly
    img132.jpgAdded by: firemier4975with 104th Observation Squadron spring 1942
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    mierzejewskiWeb capture_26-5-2021_173241_www.abmc.gov.jpegAdded by: firemier4975ABMC
    325th580898650.jpgAdded by: firemier4975325th crest
    Roman, part 1The_Times_Sat__Dec_7__2013_Added by: firemier4975Part 1The_Times_Sat__Dec_7__2013_
    roman part 2The_Times_Sat__Dec_7__2013_ (1)Added by: firemier4975Part 2The_Times_Sat__Dec_7__2013_ (1)