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The Crimean War began in July 1853 when Russia sent troops to occupy territory in the crumbling Ottoman Empire. Great Britain and France then issued an ultimatum to Russia, demanding its evacuation of the region. When Russia failed to comply, Great Britain and France sent troops to the Balkan region and the Baltic Sea. The allies quickly captured the Baltic Sea and subsequently focused on the Balkans. There, the Russians retreated to the Crimea, and the allies established a plan to attack Sevastopol and push the Russians out of the region. Following key battles at Alma and Balaklava, which included the famous Charge of the Light Brigade, the allies had control over most of the Crimea. After a failed Russian attack at Inkerman and a long winter, the allies mounted a counterattack and captured Sevastopol in September 1855. On March 30, 1856, Russia agreed to the Treaty of Paris, and the Crimean War ended.

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