USACA - Reparations and Restitutions Branch FREE

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Claims processed by and general records of the Reparations and Restitutions Branch of the United States Element, Allied Commission for Austria (USACA) Section, 1945–1950. The claims represent assembled information that was used to determine if the claimants deserved restitution of property or that property’s value. These records are part of the Records of United States Occupation Headquarters, World War II, Record Group (RG) 260

These documents consist of claims, claim lists, receipts, descriptions of art treasures, and miscellaneous records. They are arranged alphabetically by country. Most claimants were individuals, however organizations, businesses, and governments also made claims. Claims may include correspondence, receipts, and material found or created during the investigation of the claim. Managerial records of the Reparations and Restitutions Branch are also included in this publication.

Much of the background and description of this title is from the NARA descriptive pamphlet (DP) for publication M1926.