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Alabama Artillery (Confederate)

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Regiment was also known as:

  • Ketchum's Artillery, Alabama
  • Garrity's Artillery, Alabama

Notable Battles:

  • Stones River fought on December 31st, 1862 near Murfreesboro
  • Chickamauga fought on September 19th, 1863 - September 20th, 1863 near Catoosa County, Georgia; Walker County, Georgia
  • Jonesborough fought on August 31st, 1864 - September 1st, 1864 near Clayton County, Georgia
  • Franklin (1864) fought on November 30th, 1864 near Franklin, Tennessee
  • Nashville fought on December 15th, 1864 - December 16th, 1864 near Nashville, Tennessee

Alabama, United States of America

Field Officers

Brigadier General James R. Chalmers

Brigadier General Patton Anderson

Colonel Jacob H. Sharp

Colonel Robert F. Beckham      Maj John W. Johnston

Colonel Thomas W. White

Captain James Garrity

Captain James P. Douglas

Lieutenant Henry F. Carrell

Lieutenant Colonel James H. Hallonquist

Major General Edward Johnson

Major General Jones M. Withers

Major General Thomas C. Hindman

Major Alfred R. Courtney