Kansas 1st Light Artillery (Union)

    24 Jul 1861

    Kansas 1st Light Artillery organized at Kansas.

    30 Sep 1862

    Participated in the Battle of First Newtonia at Newtonia, Missouri.

    The Battle of First Newtonia
    The Battle of First Newtonia

    This battle pitted Brig. Gen. James Blunt against Col. J.O. Shelby. Confederate forces numbered 4,000; Union forces numbered about 6,500. It was one of the very few Civil War encounters in which Native Americans fought on both sides. Southern forces had Choctaw, Cherokee, and Chickasaw soldiers, while other Cherokee soldiers fought with the North. Read More

    22 Oct 1862

    Participated in the Battle of Old Fort Wayne at Fort Wayne, Indian Territory.

    07 Dec 1862

    Participated in the Battle of Prairie Grove at Washington County, Arkansas.

    The Battle of Prairie Grove
    The Battle of Prairie Grove

    Nine months after their victory at Pea Ridge, the Union Army of the Frontier in the area was geographically divided. One division under Brig. Gen. James Blunt remained in the northwestern part of Arkansas, and the second under Brig. Gen. Francis Herron was stationed around the Missouri capital of Springfield. The Confederates, hoping to use Arkansas as a base for operations into the border state of Missouri, looked to defeat the Union armies in the area. Maj. Gen. Thomas C. Hindman gathered a Confederate f… Read More

    15 Dec 1864

    Participated in the Battle of Nashville at Nashville, Tennessee.

    The Battle of Nashville
    The Battle of Nashville

    Despite a series of defeats in the closing days of November, 1864, Confederate Lieut. Gen. John Bell Hood continued to drag his bloodied Army of Tennessee, approximately 30,000 strong, north towards Nashville. The city was protected by 55,000 Union soldiers, which should have precluded further offensive operations, but Hood was determined and his situation was dire. Hood reached Nashville on December 2nd and staked out a position south of the city, hoping to draw the Union forces into a costly attack. Ulys… Read More

    17 Jul 1865

    Kansas 1st Light Artillery mustered out at Kansas.

    Kansas, United States of America

    Field Officers

    Colonel Charles R. Thompson

    Captain Marcus D. Tenney