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Mississippi 21st Infantry (Confederate)

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Regiment mustered out of service on April 9th, 1865.

Notable Battles:

  • Seven Pines fought on May 31st, 1862 - June 1st, 1862 near Henrico County, Virginia
  • Malvern Hill fought on July 1st, 1862 near Henrico County, Virginia
  • Antietam fought on September 17th, 1862 near Sharpsburg, Maryland
  • Fredericksburg fought on December 13th, 1862 near Fredericksburg, Virginia
  • Chancellorsville fought on April 30th, 1863 - May 6th, 1863 near Spotsylvania County, Virginia
  • Gettysburg fought on July 1st, 1863 - July 3rd, 1863 near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
    • Brigade Leader(s): Barksdale. Division Leader(s): McLaw. Corp: I Corps. 
    • Peach Orchard fought on July 2nd, 1863 near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
    • Crushing Humphrey's Division fought on July 2nd, 1863 near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
    • Plum Run fought on July 2nd, 1863 near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
  • Wilderness fought on May 5th, 1864 - May 7th, 1864 near Spotslyvania County, Virginia; Orange County, Virginia
  • Spotsylvania Court House fought on May 8th, 1864 - May 21st, 1864 near Spotsylvania County, Virginia
  • Cold Harbor fought on May 31st, 1864 - June 12th, 1864 near Hanover Co; near Mechanicsville
  • Jerusalem Plank Road fought on June 21st, 1864 - June 24th, 1864 near Petersburg, Virginia
  • First Deep Bottom fought on July 27th, 1864 - July 29th, 1864 near Henrico County, Virginia
  • Berryville fought on September 3rd, 1864 - September 4th, 1864 near Clarke County, Virginia
  • Cedar Creek fought on October 19th, 1864 near Frederick County, Virginia; Shenandoah County, Virginia; Warren County, Virginia
  • Appomattox Court House fought on April 9th, 1865

Mississippi, United States of America

Field Officers

Brigadier General Benjamin G. Humphreys

Brigadier General Joseph B. Kershaw

Brigadier General Richard Griffith

Brigadier General William Barksdale

Colonel Benjamin G. Humphreys

Colonel Daniel M. Moody

Colonel Daniel N. Moody

Captain John Sims

Major General Joseph B. Kershaw

Major General Lafayette McLaws

Major George B. Gerald