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He Fought on Both Sides of the Civil War

Thomas David Via, a Confederate soldier who was captured at Gettysburg, and sent to a series of prison camps eventually joined the Union Army to escape the dangers of Point Lookout Prison for Confederates.


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Thomas D. Via's Civil War Union Army Pension File

White Hall, Albemarle Co., VA, USA

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Thomas D. Via changed sides in the American Civil War in order, simply, to survive.

Attached are the 17 pages that make up his Federal pension file. His pension was initially rejected, as the pension board saw that he had served as a Private in the Confederacy, but he was able to prove that he fought for the North.

Also included is a marriage certificate for Thomas's marriage, late in life, to Nancy Detamore.

Thomas D. Via's Civil War Confederate Army Service Record

White Hall, Albemarle Co., VA, USA

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These are the Confederate Army Service Records for Thomas D. Via, my 3rd great grandfather. He was a Private in Company I, 7th Virginia Infantry. 

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