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Letter from John Paul Jones to Benjamin Franklin, May 18, 1778

Transcript of a letter to Benjamin Franklin from Brest dated May 18, 1778


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Brest, France


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Brest, France

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His Excellency Doctor Franklin
American Plenipotentary at the Court of France

Brest, 18th May 1778

Honored Sir,

    The written letter addressed to the Countess of Selkirk which I leave open for your perusal will I hope apologize for the liberty I take when I request you to forward it via Holland. Two copies are already forwarded one of which under cover to the post master at Balis and Lord le Despencer so that I hope at least of the three will ready the ladys hands.

    I cannot but feel myself hurt by of the enemy the dirty insinuation that my enterprise at Whitehaven was in consequence of a capital sum paid me in hand by the Court of France. They have more ??i??its of the same kind to expect (if I am not deprived of the means of making them) and that too without my having either a certainty or hope of gain.   

    I have the honor to be with great esteem and respect

        Sir your very obliged

            Very obedient
            Very humble servant

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