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Fred Loewus, B-25 PILOT - 321st BG, 447thBS, MTO WWII

  • Italy

Frederick E Loewus, a Member of the the 57th Bomb Wing (12th Air Force) 321st Bomb Group, 447th Bomb Squad in the Mediterranean Theatre WWII.  B-25 Mitchell Medium Bombers.

**Lt Fred Loewus, B-25 Pilot;  ** Loewus, Frederick E., 2Lt, pilot (ASSIGNED)

30 Oct 44 - 447th BS War Diary:  The first foot-ball game of the season was played on our field between the Officers of our Squadron and the Officers of Hq 321st Bomb Gp (M), final score: Hq 321st: 0, 447th Bomb: 18.  Pvt Harold Phares Jr. was promoted to the grade of Corporal.  Morning Report:  Officers:  83, EM:  320.  Usual Squadron Duties.  The following named Officers and EM were assigned and joined from 57th Bomb Wing Per SO 192, Hq 321st Bomb Gp (M):  2nd Lt Frederick Smith, 2nd Lt Richard C. Briggs, 1st Lt Joseph G. Boyle Jr., 2nd Lt Norman I. Rose, F/O Lester W. Volkmann, F/O Shelby D. Wallis, 2nd Lt George S. Fairchild, Cpl Halt, John A. Cpl Carroll G. Appleman, Pvt Bruce M. Ferrell, Pvt Harry A. Keenan, Cpl Paul W. Finnegan, Cpl Frank W. Hunsaker.  1st Lt William E. Levine was promoted to rank of Captain, per SO 277, Hq 12th AF.  2nd Lt Joe W. Gould was promoted to rank of 1st Lt per SO 280, Hq 12th AF.__  2nd Lt FREDERICK E LOEWUS  was assigned and joined from 57th Bomb Wing._****_

First mission 9 Nov 44:

A/C No.  43-27785 P Hall, Earl W., 1Lt CP Loewus, Frederick E., 2Lt N None B Harris, Jack J., Sgt E Keenan, Harry A., Sgt R MacNeil, Joseph W., T/Sgt G Williams, James H., Sgt

First Pilot 18 Nov 44:

A/C No.  43-27751 “MMR” (Meet Mrs. Runyon) P Loewus, Frederick E., 2Lt CP Gies, Donald W., F/O N None B Applegarth, Smith B., S/Sgt E Freeman, Millard C., S/Sgt R Barksdale, Phillip L., S/Sgt G Smith, Kenneth C., Sgt F None

1 Dec 44 – first time on the Fearless Fosdick

A/C No.  43-4040 “Fearless Fosdick” P Loewus, Frederick E., 2Lt CP Peck, Paul R., 2Lt N None B Balboni, Robert A., 2Lt E Freeman, Millard C., S/Sgt R Jones, LeRoy (NMI), Cpl G Williams, James H., Sgt F None

Promoted to 1Lt

16 Jan 45 - 447th BS War Diary:  No mission today due to unfavorable weather.   The following officers promoted to rank of 1st Lt. Par. 1 SO 9, Hq. 12 AF, 10 Jan. 1945:  2nd Lts. Donald A. Amundson, Richard D. Appenzeller, Aaron E. Autry, Louis C. Breckenridge, David W. Brice, Lyle N. Brown, Jr., Paul I. Buckley, Helmut K. Buechner, Carl W. Cahoon, Elmore Cammack, Jackson R. Dodson, George S. Fairchild, _FREDERICK E LOEWUS._**    Following F/O’s appointed to rank of 2nd Lt., Ltr. Hq, 12th AF, 24 Dec. 1945:  F/O’s Shelby D. Wallis, John B. Bokum.

_                             Loewus, Frederick E., 1Lt, pilot_

Last mission 3 Mar 45:

A/C No.  43-4079 Tail # 51 “Little David” P Loewus, Frederick E., 1Lt CP Stephens, James J., 2Lt N None B Atkins, William T. “Bill”, F/O E Hardage, Charles W., Sgt R Stroupe, Robert A., Sgt G Merlino, Camille J., Sgt F None

36 missions, including spares, early returns etc.

Nov 44               6               in the Fearless Fosdick

Dec                  11                       6

Jan 45                 6                      4

Feb                   13                     10

Total     36                     20

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