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Josephine Pearl Bremmer (Blanco) aka Jo

    Josephine Pearl Blanco was born 22 April 1922, Lansing, Michigan to Joseph Raymond Blanco and Lydia Dora Rice.  From 1926 to 1929 she live in Havana Cuba with her father and mother. In 1930 they returned to the United State, Joseph, Lydia, Dorothy, Joseph and Josephine.  She graduated from Junior High School, 4 Feb 1938, and John L Francis Polyechnir High School, in Los Angeles, California, 31 Jan 1941.

    She married Earl Henry Bremmer, son of Carl Jerry Bremmer and Lucy Messersmith Sharpe on14 June 1941, Glendale, California.  Carl J Bremmer died in 1948, and Lucy Bremmer died in 1955.  Josephine and Earl were the parents of 7 children.  In 1975 Lydia Blanco passed away, and in 1979, Joseph Blanco passed away.  In 2000 her son Larry Bremmer, passed away.  She lived in the same house 2 bedroom and one bathroom from 1944 to 1991, when Earl and Josephine moved to a much large house 5 bedroom 3 bathroom.  They raised 7 kids in a two bedroom, one bathroom house.  In 1983, a gift from her husband, they travel around the world.

    Earl Bremmer (husband) passed away in 2005, and Mary Bremmer (daughter) passed away in 2009.

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