US Historical Documents

US Historical Documents

TOPIC is the best source for US Historical Documents. The historical period for these US documents covers the 1700's to the present. They specialize in the US wars but the documents include many other historical collections from the National Archives. Many of these documents were unavailable before and are now on the internet for the first time. Footnote does a great job in the digitization of these US Historical Documents. They are presented in a beautiful format, and the viewer as well as the entire site is set up with the user in mind!

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  • United States of America has two unique sides to it. They have almost 60 million original US historical documents and they are adding 2 million each month. Primary Source documents are the best way to study history or to verify truth and theory. With the documents that are available anyone who has an interest in family origins or US history will have found a goldmine. Most of these documents have only been available through the National Archives but are now available here at Footnote. They are all digitized and indexed by Footnote. This US Historical Document side has quite a few free collections but there are some that are behind the pay wall. The price of the site is very reasonable.

The second side to this site is absolutely free. With a free registration anyone may become a member of and they can take their shoebox full of historical documents, scan them to jpeg format and upload them to the site. They create their own gallery and have complete control over it.

Footnote creators had the idea from the inception of the site that some of the most valuable historical documents that we might garner would be those that belong to individuals. Connections would be made that no one had ever dreamed of before. Families would have a "free" platform to share their histories and to discover their roots. Instead of having to go to many different sites to gain particular knowledge about an individual, subject or specific event you would now be able to find that information in one spot.

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