Barbara J. Ennis Connolly

Barbara J. Ennis Connolly

Barbara "Barbi" Ennis Connolly 57th Bomb Wing Historical Researcher, Historian/319th, 321st BG's DOB 4 July,'45

  • Doylestown PA

<a></a>  Barbara was born the 2nd child of Edward and Alta Ennis.  Her older sister, Lynette (Lynn) was born while her Dad/447thBS, Edward C Ennis was in the Mediterranean Theatre in B-25's of the 321st Bomb Group.  He flew Combat Missions in the position of the very 1st Airborne RADAR -Radio and Aerial Gunner out of Africa and Italy.  Lynn was 4 months old when he returned.

_After a few short assignments, Ed and Alta settled at Bradley Field, Conn. Edward was running the Field and Tower where Barbi was born, 4 July, 1945.  The War ended shortly and Ed brought his young family back to their hometown of Doylestown, Bucks County, PA. _

Barbara Jan (Ennis) Connolly

  • Africa/ Italy

Barbi says;  23 Sept. 2009

After my Dad/Ed Ennis passed at over 90 years (1914-2005), (T/Sgt. Edward C Ennis, 321st Bomb Group, 447th Bomb Squadron) I got my 1st computer, found the 57th Bomb Wing in early 2006, found my Dad/Ed's 'other' best friend, Walter Cantrell and started finding the MEN, and thier families, began to place photo's in the 57th Bomb Wing in Nov. '06 Gallery/Albums and in Oct. 2007 was appointed the Historian for his 321st Bomb Group.

In 2009 was also awarded the 319th Bomb Group as Historian.  (321st Bomb Group)

My Dad/Ed

I work in ALL Groups and Topics, and have found such joy and a meaningfulness to my life by recording their stories and posting their photo's... finding logs and Diaries and assisting John Fitzgerald (His Dad/Jack, 446thBS Pilot) to add to the monumental task of typing in the de-classified War-Diaries and then includung the Spec. Accounts and the Diaries/Logs, Mission Reports, Crew Lists, matching Ships to serials and nose-art ....(etc.) ...... and several years ago, a 3rd person joined-up!  Researcher Patti Johnson (Cousin 446th BS Raymond Orechia/KIA)  Patti can find a needle in a haystack!

_  It is an honor beyond measure to work with the Vets.  Bomb Wing Gallery, All Groups and some FUN Topics.

_Barbi Ennis Connolly 321stBG Historian, 57th BW Researcher <a></a>  _

Barbi Ennis Connolly "Princess Barbi"

  • Tempe, AZ

Barbi was raised a Catholic, going to Catholic grade school (Our Lady of Mount Carmel) and the "Academy of the Sisters of Mercy", Gwyned Valley PA (HS).... Moore Institute of Art in Phila. PA.

Barbi married Jim Foster in Aug.1964, living in Doylestown and working at her In-laws "Foster's Toy Store" until their 1st child, Donna Lee was born, 2 March, 1966.  The 2nd daughter Bambi, came along 8 June, 1968 and we moved out to Tempe, Arizona in 1970.  (Divorced about 1974)   I became an "Optician" and was a "Licensed Optician" by 1978, working almost all of my entire career in private practice.  Moving to Prescott in 1985...Donna having gone into the USAF, became an Ophthalmic Surgical Technician.   Bambi worked at Home Depot in the Computer Department.

Barbi and Paul Connolly were married in May 1989, having dated since 1985, living in the Mountains above Prescott, AZ the "Bradshaw Mountains" ("There's GOLD in Them-Thar Hills !")  Prescott itself is a Mile-High.

Returning to work in 89, although working part time as we built a home/Cabin at 10,000 ft on the Western Slope of the Rockies in Colo. for 5 years, "Arrowhead Ranch" on the Alpine Plateau.....   then built the same home in Delores CO on Lake McPhee...hum ?  Snowmobiling to FISHING !  Moved back to Presott AZ in the mid '90's, and having been injured in '98, medically retired in '99.

__* A person's greatness lies in being faithful to the present moment. ******

(More later)  Barbi

"Courage is not the lack of Fear, Courage is being afraid and saddling up any way".. John Wayne

Barbi Ennis Connolly

  • PA

I was (Barbi) about 10 or 11 when my "baby" sister was born, Alison (Ennis) Wright.   Alison was 10 or 11 when my daughter Donna was born, and then living only 2 blocks away, Alison practically lived at our Home :)  THis was in Doylestown, Bucks County, PA.   Auntie Alison would put Donna in the Gerry-back-pack and she would ride her on her bike to the little corner store regularly !   Summers were spent at the Foster's home at Byram, on the Delaware River, NJ side, (My Mom and Dad-in-law, John and Katie Foster) ....  which was next to Barbi's Mother and Dad   (AND/ ALSO)  (Ed/Alta)'s Summer home where we had lots of room to play and water-skiing !  Alison could ski bare-footed :)  It was nothing (back then) to swim across the Deleware River and walk up the Canal Bank to Point Pleasant and check out the stores !

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