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Westerbork Concentration Camp


When the Nazi government began prosecuting Jews in Germany, many fled to the Netherlands for safety. To control this tide of refugees, the Dutch government created the Westerbork camp to house these people. When the Nazis invaded the Netherlands, they took control over Westerbork and turned it into a transit camp for sending Dutch Jews east to the killing centers. Anne Frank and her family were kept in the camp before being transferred to Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen. Other famous prisoners included Etty Hillesum and actress Dora Gerson. Very few who boarded a transport train from Westerbork survived their next destination as they were gassed or shot on arrival.


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Place Details

Deportations through Westerbork:
Auschwitz: 60,000 1
Bergen-Belsen: 4,000 1
Sobibor: 34,000 1
Theresienstadt: 5,000 1
Total: Approx. 100,000 1
City: Westerbork 2
Country: Netherlands 2
Deportations to Sobibor begin:
03 Mar 1943 1
Germans leave camp as Canadian forces approach:
12 Apr 1945 1
Germans take control of the camp:
01 Jul 1942 1
Last deportation train leaves Westerbork:
13 Sep 1944 1
Prisoner assigned to camp administration:
12 Aug 1943 1
SS 1st Lt. Albert Gemmecker became camp commandant:
12 Oct 1942 1
SS begin deporting Dutch Jews to Auschwitz:
15 Jul 1942 1
Westerbork established for German-Jewish refugees:
09 Oct 1939 1
751 Jews 1
Name: Westerbork Concentration Camp 2

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