Stutthof Concentration Camp

Stutthof Concentration Camp


The Stutthof concentration camp began as civilian internment camp run by the Danzig police. On January 13, 1942, Stutthof became a concentration camp with most prisoners being non-Jewish Poles. Stutthof had more than 100 subcamps and was an industrial hub in northern and central Poland. Inmates worked in SS-owned businesses as forced laborers as well as in local industries. When the Soviet Army got close to the camp, SS officials took thousands on a death march and boarded many on barges destined for German concentration camps. The evacuation process killed nearly one in two prisoners. Many inmates died from the harsh winter or were drowned on the voyage to Germany, but several thousands were also marched into the Baltic Sea and shot. When Soviet forces liberated the camp, they only found about 100 inmates who hid during the evacuation process.

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Come with Me and Visit Hell

  • Evensville, TN

My cousin was in the Stutthof concentration camp in Poland.  In 1995 he wrote his memories of his interment in that camp. I translated them into English and published them on Amazon as an eBook.  The title is 'Come with Me and Visit Hell'

He describes how he was captured and taken to the camp. The day to day routine. How people were chosen for work or the gas chamber. How the Russians leberated the camp. How his faith and a German soldier saved his life.

I accompanied him on his first return visit to the camp in 1978. It was a very sad time for him to remember the place where he was jailed during the war.

He eventually returned home and married and had 6 children.

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