Senator of MA

Boston, MA 1
Hyannis Port, Massachusetts 1

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Also known as:
Ted Kennedy 1
Full Name:
Edward Kennedy 1
Boston, MA 1
22 Feb 1932 1
Hyannis Port, Massachusetts 1
25 Aug 2009 1

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  1. Contributed by blake


Edward Kennedy ~ Health Care Advocate

Senator Kennedy will be remembered for being a staunch health care advocate, among many other things. Rest in Peace.

Senator Kennedy will be remembered for his kindness. May God rest his soul!

That he is a voice for all voiceless among many other things, RIP.

"Remember" would not be the right word for myself. For me it would be "What have you learned from the life of Edward Kennedy from stories in print and on TV in the last week?". And it is this: We all have flaws; past and present and we all have different views; politically and ideologically. It is how we acknowledge and rise above our mistakes and demons and how we fight for what we believe in that makes us become the person we were meant to be in life. I am thirty-eight years old and his life's story (mistakes, demons, triumphs, and all) make me believe that I will become the person I was meant to be. It is never too late.

There are so many things...I suppose the one I remember most is that he spoke for those whose own voices could not be heard, he fought the hard fight and he did so passionately and without fear.

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