20 Sep 1941 1
29 Dec 1994 1

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Rowena Miller 1
20 Sep 1941 1
29 Dec 1994 1
Place: Mapleton, Illinois 1

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  1. Contributed by PennyPotter1964



Mapleton, IL

I remember fishing with Mom and Dad one night and mom thought she had the biggest fish in the world on the line, really seemed to be putting up a fight - turns out it was a huge turtle. Instead of a fish fry we had turtle soup that next week. Hmmmm tastes like chicken LOL

No Backwash please!!

During one of our family trips, Becky was riding in the front seat with Mom & Dad, eating cookies.  She wanted a drink of Mom's soda and mom told her she had to get rid of the cookie in her mouth (meaning swallow it) instead Becky took the cookie (already chewed) out of her mouth and shove it into Mom's.   It was a riot!!!

She made me smile as a baby. I wish I had more memories. I love you Grandma, and Miss you lots! I know you are up there watching over me <3 (Mom... 1994 not 2004)

I remember sitting at the counter until the wee hours of the morning, just talking about life's ups and downs. I miss those talks. Friends were always welcome too.

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