1822 1
Warren County, Mississippi USA 1
1893 1
Plaquemine Parish, Louisiana 1

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Full Name:
David Raymond Fox 1
Also known as:
Dr. Fox 1
Male 1
1822 1
Warren County, Mississippi USA 1
1893 1
Plaquemine Parish, Louisiana 1
Place: Plaquemine Parish, Louisiana 1
Mother: Sarah Otis 1
Father: James Angel Fox (Rev. James A. Fox a/k/a Parson Fox) 1
Blanche Tryphena Holder 1
Pittsfield, Mass 1
Medical Doctor 1
Race or Ethnicity:
White 1

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David Raymond Fox MD

Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

David Raymond Fox was born in 1822 in Pinckneyville, Mississippi.  He became a Medical Doctor around 1845 from the University of Louisiana. He served as a Surgeon - Major - in the Confederate Army.  He practiced medicine in Mississippi for 2 years and in Louisiana for 38 years. In 1886 he was President of the Louisiana State Medical Society.

He married Blanche Tryphena Holder in 1856 who was from Mass. but was working as a private teacher on a plantation in Mississippi near his home.  They moved to Louisiana and built a home called Hygiene Plantation.  There is a book by Wilma King entitled "A Northern Woman in the Plantation South" compiled of letters that Blanche Tryphena a/k/a Tryphena Blanche wrote home to her family from Louisiana to Mass outlining their life before, during and after the Civil War.

Above information for Fox Genealogy - From Thomas Fox of New England To His Descendants in Louisiana - By Raymond T. Fox and John L. Fox and printed privatley in 1969 by my father Benjamin C. Fox. 

When David Raymond Fox died he was buried on the plantatin property. Years later his body was removed to a cemetary in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Someone erected a memorial stone on the property afterwards.  The purchasers of the land during the 1970's sent me a photograph of the stone. 

A handwritten note by Fred Bennecke in 1972 explains that the remains of Caroline Fox Bennecke, Louis B. Bennecke, Fannie Fox Bennecke and David R. Fox, MD were buied in a private plot on the property of David Raymond Fox and when the property was destoyred due to a storm, the remains were moved to Lake Lawn Park Cemetary in New Orleans, Louisiana.



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