Dachau Concentration Camp

Dachau Concentration Camp


Former prisoner Kupfer-Koberwitz recalls the day of his arrival, November 11, 1940.

    "We entered an anteroom and then a large, long hall. Square pillars held up the ceiling, they were located roughly in the middle of the room. Between them were tables which were so positioned that they divided the room into two halves. Placards hung above the tables, they read from A to K, from K to P, etc. Behind these barriers stood some men with completely shaven heads, wearing striped uniforms and with intelligent faces. Again our personal details were taken. In the background a[n] SS man screamed 'Move forward, faster!' The SS man who had brought us in commanded: 'Get undressed, now, quick! All the clothes and underwear in a pile!' ... We were stark naked. Stand at attention naked, – it seemed like a bad joke ... We were showered under single shower heads fixed to the wall ... On a bench under the clothing hooks our new clothes lay in bundles. I was the last one. There was only one bundle left, a shirt, it didn't reach much pass my navel, a thin pair of underpants..., socks, the heels of which came to the middle of the sole, and the striped uniform! The trousers were too short, they only reached to a hand span over the ankles, and the smock could only be done up at the bottom with great difficulty, across the chest though it was impossible. Its sleeves were far too short and were too tight at the elbows. I'd gotten two different shoes, one fitted, the other was a torture chamber. ... The finale was the striped and peak less circular cap, I could only wear it like a crown, it sat so high on my head, and spitefully it refused to be pulled into a suitable shape."

    Source: http://www.kz-gedenkstaette-dachau.de/publications/materials/audioguide/english_audioguide.pdf

    Eduard Bruno Lindner, My Grandfather

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    My Grandfather died at Dachau.  He was printing Anti-Hitler leaflets.  He used to go out and try to tell people what was happening.  My mother was 9 the first time the brown shirt dragged her father out and beat him up.   He continued his activities and a "trusted" neighbor turned him in to the Nazi's.  He was arrested for treason in 1934.  First he went to Sachsenhausen, from there he was sent somewhere else, and his last stop was Dachau where he died not long after getting to the camp in 1941.  My mother's entire family became lost to her because everyone was arrested for defying the Nazi's.  One of her aunts survived Buchenwald.

    When my mother was at the end of her life she would try to pack and move every night because she was afraid the Nazi's were coming for her.  She was in mental torment until she died.  She often called for her father.

      I visited Dachau c.c. two times . once in 1976 an again in 2008 . An both times it was the most interresting part of my visit to Europe. I highly advise anyone going to Germany visit Dachau you will not be disappointed. please lets not forget what took place it ws not that long ago. pray it never happens to anyone again. though with terrorist i'm sorry to say it just might! Wake up people! .

        I believe with leaders like the one in Iran as in other terrorist states who denigh the what happend in ww11 .as with people in the free world only means it could happen again. please support our troops who keep us free from idiots in this world. and help them to stop terrorist . don't let the liberals take good law abiding citizens guns away. you might need them someday. I pray not. then again so did the Jewish people

          The Dachau concentration camp was the first regular concentration camp established by the National Socialist (Nazi) government. It opened in March, 1933. http://www.historicaltravelguide.com/dachau-concentration-camp.html