september, 2002 1
23 Jul 2009 1

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Rebecca Cole 1
september, 2002 1
23 Jul 2009 1
Place: bathurst,nb 1

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  1. Contributed by JenTheriault185


RIP my little angle .. please you have to no just how much everyone is hurting over your lost .. from far and close .. you sure did make that star shine and that star will always be there every time i look up .. just your smile rebecca .. that was the star .. you are missed and always will be but you will also be in your hearts and thats 4 ever .. love you princess and always will .. xoxox

I remember a cute little smile even when not feeling well could light up a room.

I remember going for a 4 wheeler drive. Donna had Rebecca on her laps I said is she coming with us, she said yes. It was in the winter time and she didn't seamed to mind the cold weather at all. Poor little Angel on our way back she fell asleep in between Donna and Gary. I found that so cute and special.

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