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The Grateful Dead was a versatile rock band that brought a psychedelic change to the culture of the 1960s. Early on, the band members played a new style of music that embraced improvisation, especially the song “Dark Star” which was never played the same way twice. The Dead fused rock and roll with the psychedelic experience, an experience that was often accompanied by drug use. The band found great success into the 1990s with a loyal following of fans called “dead heads,” but drug addiction and death kept it from persisting as a stable force. Once leader Jerry Garcia died in 1995 the band dissolved and its members now continue on solo with their unique and psychedelic style.


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Organization Details

Band Members (1969):
Bill Kreutzmann: Drummer 1
Bob Weir: Guitarist 1
Jerry Garcia: Guitarist/Leader 1
Mickey Hart: Percussionist 1
Phil Lesh: Bass 1
Ron “Pigpen” McKernan: Organist 1
Tom Constanten: Keyboards 1
Also known as: Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions; Warlocks 2
Name: The Grateful Dead 2
Inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:
19 Jan 1994 1
Jerry Garcia dies at age 53:
09 Aug 1995 1
Perform their 2,314th and final concert:
09 Jul 1995 1
"Workingman’s Dead,” is released:
14 Jun 1970 1
Band's first single is released on Scorpio label:
22 Jul 1966 1
Begin 3 days of shows at base the Egyptian pyramid:
14 Sep 1978 1
Garcia and Weir jam:
31 Dec 1963 1
Live/Dead,’ the first of many live albums released:
10 Nov 1969 1
Percussionist Mickey Hart joins the Grateful Dead:
29 Sep 1967 1
Perform at the Trips Festival:
21 Jan 1966 1
Perform at the Watkins Glen “Summer Jam.”:
28 Jul 1973 1
Perform during Ken Kesey's second Acid Test:
04 Dec 1965 1
Perform first concert:
10 Dec 1965 1
Perform their epic “Dark Star” for the first time:
13 Dec 1967 1
Performs at Sky River Rock Festival:
02 Sep 1968 1
Released ‘Anthem of the Sun,’ recreated LSD trip:
17 Jul 1968 1
Self-titled first album is released on WB Records:
17 May 1967 1
The band performs at Woodstock:
16 Aug 1969 1
The Grateful Dead release “Terrapin Station”:
27 Jul 1977 1
‘In the Dark’ is released:
07 Jul 1987 1
“Europe ’72,” is released:
05 Nov 1972 1
“Grateful Dead” known as “Skull & Roses” released:
06 Oct 1971 1
“Touch of Grey,” puts the Dead in Top 10 1st time:
25 Jul 1987 1
Band Followers:
Dead Heads 2

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