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CCR at Woodstock

Creedence Clearwater Revival performed at Woodstock, taking the stage after The Grateful Dead. CCR's performance, however, was not included in the film Woodstock because John Fogerty was unhappy with the band's performance and the treatment they received. CCR took the stage at 3 in the morning because The Grateful Dead played passed their scheduled time allotment. At the time, Creedence Clearwater Revival was one of the top rock bands in the United States and was a headliner at the Woodstock Festival, but at 3 a.m. few were awake to listen and enjoy the music. Because of this, John Fogerty and the band refused to be included in the Woodstock film and album. However, in 1994, with the Atlantic Records release of a remastered Woodstock set, five of the CCR songs performed at Woodstock were included. 

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Created: July 2, 2009 · Modified: September 15, 2011

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