22 Jun 1903 1
Indianapolis, Indiana 1
22 Jul 1934 1
Biograph Theater, Chicago 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
John Herbert Dillinger 1
Also known as:
John Dillinger 1
22 Jun 1903 1
Indianapolis, Indiana 1
Male 1
22 Jul 1934 1
Biograph Theater, Chicago 1
Cause: Shot by FBI agents 1
Physical Description:
Height: 5'7 1/8 " 1
Weight/Build: 153 lbs. 1
Eye Color: grey 1
Hair Color: Medium Chestnut 1
Place: Robbed over 24 Banks and Murdered People 1
From: 1933 1
To: 1934 1
Place: Indiana State Prison 1
From: 1925 1
To: 1933 1
From: 1925 1
To: 1933 1
Mother: Mary Ellen "Molly" Lancaster 1
Father: John Wilson Dillinger 1
Beryl Ethel Hovious 1
12 Apr 1924 1
Martinsville, Indiana 1
To: 20 Jun 1929 1
Bank Robber 1
Robbed Grocery Store:
1925 1
Enlisted in the Navy - Dishonorably Discharged:
1923 1
Arrested for Auto Theft:
1922 1
Lived with Sister Audrey:
1907-1912 1
Mother Died:
1907 1

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John Dillinger



John Dillinger was born on June 22, 1903 and was one of the most notorious bank robbers in the US during the early 1930s. He was considered extremely dangerous but at the same time was a folk hero of sorts because of his exploits. He was responsible for the murders of a number of police officers and he robbed over 20 banks and a number of police stations. He was captured put in jail twice and escaped both times. This was during the public enemy era with the FBI and Dillinger was the 1st number 1 public enemy to the American people.

Dillinger spent over 8 years in prison for attempted robbery. When he was released he went right back to crime. That is when he helped previous fellow inmates escape and formed a gang. The FBI began tracking him even though he was out of their jurisdiction. On July 22nd while attending the Biograph Theater he watched the movie Manhattan Melodrama. At the end of the show as he exited he was shot 3 times in the face by the FBI and thus ended the life of John Herbert Dillinger. By virtue of the Banks he robbed the escapes from jail and the people he killed he will continue to be an urban legend.

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