24 Jan 1951 1
Doylestown, PA 1

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Harrison Holmes 2
Age in 1930: 54 2
Estimated Birth Year: 1876 2
24 Jan 1951 1
Doylestown, PA 1
Cause: Heart Failure 1
Place: BUCKS County, Pennsylvania 2
From: 1930 2
Enumeration District: DOYLESTOWN BOROUGH, WARD 2 2

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Harris Holmes (not Harrison)

Doylestown, PA

Harris Holmes was born 7 April, 1876 at 15 Ivy Street, Skirtcoat according to his birth certificate, however his headstone says 1875. and his daughters believe his birth to be 1875 also.   The family immigrated to the US is 1880 when Harris was 5, according to family History.  However, the 1920 census shows immigration as 1882 and naturalization as 1884.  That to be verified.  Harris grew up in Philadelphia, graduated from the Phila. Textile School and worked with his father and brother, Stoney and most probably brother Herbert. in a textile mill in Phila where Harris showed himself to be quite accomplished at design.   Before going to textile school, Harris was a loom fixer.  At age 25 he, with his family, Clear Springs Worsted Mill in Doylestown, PA.  Harris managed production.

14 June, 2009.  I am a Grand-daughter, Nora and Harris were my Mother, Alta's parents, and althouigh I was 5 or 6, I clearly remember my Pop-Pop/Harris. before he passed.    I remember him sneaking my 2 sister and I through the dining room (Yeah !  Giggling little girls :) into the pantry where he would gather some wonderful snack while our Nanna/Nora was cooking in the kitchen.  I remember saying "Good Bye" to him, as we each took turns standing on a stool hugging him before he went to Heaven.  Now, Nora/Nanna was a big part of our life after that as well, but she moved from the "big house" on 290 N Main St. to an easier to manage apartment and her presence was then at our Home or that of Mother's sister, Janet.

     Nora was a particularly big part of my life as I married in 1964 and had 2 daughters, Donna (1966- ) and Bambi (1968- ) and would pick her up and bring her to our home on Linden Avenue every Thursday.  ........... continue, Barbi Ennis Connolly

Harris Holmes- HOME at 290 N Main!

Doylestown, PA

    Harris "Built the Cage to Catch the Bird" . . . Harris built a beautiful block/brick home on Main Street in Doylestown, PA.... It was a large 2 story with full basement and attic that the back side of faced the "MILL".   Crossley Holmes (father) and his sons Harris, and we believe Stoney, were running the Mill behind the home.  It was the "Doylestown Worsted Mill" when they purchased it in 1915., renamed to "Clear Creek Worsted Mill" and was the largest employer in Doylestown.  

   THIS is a love story.

     Harris completed his home in 1916.  Harris was a confirmed bachelor of 40 when he met an "Old Maid' of 30, Nora Pflieger, who was home for Holiday and at a residence in Doylestown where Harris met her.   Nora was born in Perkasie and working as a Nurse at the Jewish Hospital in Phila.

    Yes, the old LOVE at 1st sight-thing.  They were wed in 1917 (and father Crossley said, well!  there will be no issue.)     Ha!  Just under a year later Alta Lynette Holmes came along and 3 years later another daughter Janet came along.  

    Harris was actually drafted for WWI, 42 and a baby on the way. . . he was excused however as the ARMY required worsted wool for blankets and other Army needs.  Harris was also 'required' to make a lesser expensive worsted wool for Officer Pinks and Greens for WWII.

    The MILL burnt to the ground in 1930, he continued to pay his workers however and the Mill was quickly rebulit.  Worsted is a weave, Harris was particularly talented in the designs made (usually wool, but some cotton) with certain length fibers.

     Harris passed in 1956 (1876-1956) while Nora lived to be almost 86.  (1885-1971).... Nora moved into an apartment on North Street, just blocks away and was active all of her life.  Alta married Edward C Ennis (who always said that Nora was "SUCH A LADY" :)  and Janet married Richard C Linsenmaier.

  Barbi Ennis Connolly WWII Historical Researcher, 57th Bomb Wing, 319th and 321st Bomb Group Historian.  Prescott, AZ.

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