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Walter Tyndall 1
February 12th,1936 1
14 Mar 2000 1
Place: Indianapolis, IN 1
Place: Cicero, Indiana 1
Tyndall's Gym 1

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  1. Contributed by JennyTyndall185


Everybody that met him loved him because he was such a good person.

How nice Walt treated me even when I was dateing his daughter Jen. He even gave me a key to his gym bussiness to work out any time I wanted.

The "apple" of his eye was Stephanie. She could do no wrong as far as he was concerned!

Him helping us with the trophies we passed out at the competitions

He was a really good dad. He loved everyone, and everyone loved him.

Going to Grandma and Grandpa Tyndall's on the weekends.

Walt Tyndall

Indianapolis, IN

I met Walt (Butch) When I was just a teenager back in 1976. He was absolutely amazing of what he knew about weight lifting.

I use to drive all the way to his Noblesville Gym and he use to run me through the toughest retunes that would about make me puke! We went in to business together and opened the Tyndalls Gym downtown above the Cactus Club! This was one of the best times of my life. We then moved it to West Michigan St. We split  from being partners after that but I still drive to where ever his gym was.

He trained me to win Mr. Iron Man and Mr. Central Indiana and place 2nd in two others. He also trained me to win 6 bench press contests and placed 2nd in two others.  

He was an amazing man. He was a great trainer, a better friend and like a father to me and I miss him greatly.

Mike ONeal  

I sure do miss and love Him so much. Had so many great times throughout the years growing up around Him

Tyndall's Gym Above the Cactus Club on W. Washington Street

I happen to be driving by were the old Tyndall’s Gym was above the Cactus Club on Washington Street.

I noticed they were working on the building, so I thought hey…. why not! So got out of my car and went up the stairs!

Like the old days walking up those stairs! LOL When I got up the stairs all the memories started coming back! Went in and they were remolding but at this time it all still looked the same. I told them I use to be partners (Even thou Walt wanted to keep me as a silent partner) with Walt in 1979 and we had a Gym here and I wanted to know if I could walk around. They said sure!!! They are making the place into offices!!!

It was such a wild feeling to be able to walk around in there again in fact they let me go up to the 3rd floor and the stage was still there! I remember we had big plans to fix it all up and use that stage. Unfortunately we never had any money. But we always had a good time! What a wild experience to be able to go in there, like going back in time. Such wonderful memories of that place and Walt.

Mike ONeal

Walt's jokes!

Walt would make up his our jokes sometimes and they were funny! One of my favorites was "In WWII What did Hitler do with his Armies?He put them in his Sleevies :) LOL He was a card!

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