Conflict Period:
Other Service 1
26 Feb 1932 1
Kingsland, Arkansas 1
12 Sep 2003 1
Baptist Hospital Nashville, TN 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
John R. Cash 3
Full Name:
Johnny ( J.R. aka John ) Cash 2
Also known as:
Johnny Cash 3
26 Feb 1932 2
Kingsland, Arkansas 1
12 Sep 2003 2
Baptist Hospital Nashville, TN 1
Cause: Complications from diabetes 1
Burial Date: 15 Sep 2003 1
Burial Place: Hendersonville Memory Gardens, TN. 1
Physical Description:
Height: 6' 1.5" 1
Eye Color: brown 1
Hair Color: black 1
Place: Dyess, AR 2
Place: Hendersonville TN 2
From: 1967 1
To: 2003 1
Mother: Carrie Cloveree Rivers Cash 1
Father: Ray Cash 1
Valerie June Carter Cash 1
01 Mar 1968 1
Hendersonville, TN 1
Spouse Death Date: 15 May 2003 1
Son: John Carter b. 3 Mar. 1970 1

Other Service 1

Enlistment date:
07 Jul 1950 1
Branch Of Service:
U.S. Air Force 1
Discharge date:
03 Jul 1954 1
Highest Rank:
Staff Sergeant 1

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Johnny Cash's Military Service

Cash Air Force pix.jpg

Johnny Cash enlisted in the United States Air Force on July 7, 1950. After basic training at Lackland Air Force Base and technical training at Brooks Air Force Base both in San Antonio, Texas,  Cash was assigned to a U.S. Air Force Security Service unit. Assigned as a Morse Code Intercept Operator for Soviet Army transmissions at Landberg, Germany he was the first radio operator to pick up the news of the death of Joseph Stalin on March 5, 1953. Cash was honorably discharged as a Staff Sergeant on July 3, 1954.

During his time in the Air Force Cash’s musical career began. He purchased his first guitar at the Base Exchange while stationed in Germany and formed a band named “The Landsberg Barbarians” with B.J. Carnahan and Reid Cummins. Check this YouTube clip at 6:05 for a 1971 reunion of Cash with his band members and how a movie that he saw while in Germany inspired him to write “Folsom Prison Blues”



Johnny Cash Family Military Service & History

Johnny Cash with parents Ray & Carrie

Johnny Cash’s father Ray served in the United States Army unit under General John J. Pershing that hunted Mexican bandit Pancho Villa in Mexico from 1916 to early 1917.

Johnny's maternal great-grandfather Philip James Hurst (1840-1912) served as a corporal in Company A of the 4th Regiment, South Carolina Cavalry (Rutledge's) during the War Between the States. Philip's brother Jacob also served the same unit. View Phillip’s record here:

Cash family in the 1930 U.S. Census (note: Johnny was not born until 1932)

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