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Full Name:
Pamela Renee Gibson Phillips 1
Chatsworth, GA 1
09 Feb 1963 1
24 Dec 2007 1
Place: Benton, TN 1

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  1. Contributed by djj0323


Renee was our "little sister" and was always "pestering" me and Donna (well, until she got older)! Then it was Tracy's turn! LOL.

Nay was my sister and my best friend she loved horses so much she had to ride me on her back like one and carry me LOL... I miss her more than anything in this world !!!!

Fun all the time, no matter where we were. We laughed at everything.

It's not hard to remember because she is still in my heart.

Who can ever forget? The last of MaMaw's six girls, then came two more! Now there are seven. We haven't lost her for we know where she is, smiling down on us and will forever be in our hearts. Nay Nay Tree anyone? Who can forget that either? The image I have at the moment is one of mimosa trees full of girls. I will always miss Renee, but am so thankful for the memories.

Anyone notice Nay's shoes...can anyone guess what she's wearing??? LOL!

I remember when mom was working on her car with Heath and Bobby (I think) My Aunt Gina's BF lol. Mom was litteraly up and under the hood! I will post a pic as soon as I get my scanner installed on my comp! XD

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