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Full Name:
Ferron Lane Bliss 1
5 Jan 1918 in Hinckley, Utah 1
24 Aug 2003 in Provo, Utah 1
Place: Hinckley and Spanish Fork, Utah 1

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  1. Contributed by jhammons


Love to hear your comments about Ferron. Love this picture because you can tell by his smile that he loved to tease.

I remember how well he remembered. He could tell you what someone was wearing 50 years ago and what the day of the week was they were wearing it!

I remember him calling me up and saying "Do you want some tomatoes? I have a few that are ready" and I'd go up to his house and he'd have two or three buckets for me.

I remember that he would always have Neapolitan ice cream because everyone would be happy with one of the flavors. He would always ask if you wanted 5 cents or 10 cents worth.

Mom, where is his high school football pic? That one definitely needs to be on this page.

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