Washington D.C. 1
09 Jan 2009 1

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Full Name:
Howard Irving LEWIS 1
Washington D.C. 1
20 Aug 1918 1
09 Jan 2009 1
Marie Louise ELFERS 2
2/1947 2
Anne Arundel County and Washinton DC 2
To: 12/2001 2

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  1. Contributed by LoraHandiboe681
  2. L. Handiboe, daughter — Contributed by LoraHandiboe681


My father was born in Washington DC, on August 20, 1918. He was born in a home on H St., not in a hospital. His mother, who was married at age 16 to a Joseph Irving LEWIS, was also born in Washington DC. She was born Jan., 1900. Howard's father was a Joseph Irvin LEWIS, born abt. 1894., also, in Washington DC. Joseph was one of the son's of a John M. LEWIS, who was a "twin", also born in Washington DC-John M.'s father was a CONFEDERATE soldier who wrote the book "Recollections from 1860 to 1865". The book begin in Portsmouth, where John Henry LEWIS, was born and forced to leave during "reconstruction". John H. LEWIS, had been a POW, on four different occassions following his capture at Gettsburg, PA. He was a 2n Lt., at time of capture. Howard's mother was a Margaret Estella LARMAN-LEWIS-LAWLOR, who's Grand father a Henry LARMAN, was part of the militia, that defended Washington DC, during the civil war. He was a UNION soldier. Howard my father graduated from both Universities of Alabama and Maryland. He has a BA in both political science and journalism. My father was one of those who was part of inventing the ZIP CODE, with the US postal service. He married a Annibrita d'WAINIO, who was adopted at age abt 4 in New York City, by the Herman and Catherine OR Katherine EVERS-ELFERS, family, as a result of my mother's father having put three of the five children that were left in his care in NYC, after his young wife died and his NYC restaurant failed. Two of the three of the children of Frank d'WAINIO, at that time were adopted one by a MAXWELL family a young son and my mother the other stayed in the "adoption home till death in her 80's approximately. It was in NYC, I think. So after Annibrita, my mother, had become Marie Louise ELFERS of NYC, she came to Washington DC-she had attended Smith college for woman and played the piano. She began working for the Spanish Embassy and met and married my father Howard Irving LEWIS, in the MAYFLOWER hotel, in Washington DC-February 1947. They had two children and my mother also, died in her early 80's in Anee Arundel co., Maryland. Howard had also, been a reporter for the TIMES HERALD, with his "own column" the Government column in Washington DC, until the TIMES HERALD, closed. Howard died at over age 90 of a heart attack. January 09, 2009. http://www.dc-confederate-1900s-info

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