[08] Isaac Beason born 1812 father of [04] David Preston Beason born 1869 TN father of [02] Charles Victor Beason born 1897 KY


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birth of Preston Beason in 1869 to Isaac and Elizabeth

Claiborne County, Tennessee

Isaac Beason wass the father of David Preston Beason.  Isaac was married several times.  I believe he frist married a woman sarah Perry.  Next he married a cousin of Sarah Perry, I am not sure of her name.  He latter married Elizabeth Houston, daughter of Ben and Mary [Savage] Houston.  Elizabeth [Houston] Beason was the mother of Preston Beason, my paternal grandfather.  Elizabeth died shortly after the birth of her only child, Preston Beason.  was  born in1869.  My father's sister said She believed Elizabeth was nearly 40 year old when Preston was born.  Elizabeth and Isaac were married in 1865.  

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