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Personal Details

Hiram Bennett 1
Age in 1860: 64 1
Georgia 1
Male 1
Estimated Birth Year: 1796 1
Place: Dallas County, Texas 1
From: 1860 1
Minor Civil Division: Precinct No 1 1

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  1. Census - US Federal 1860 [See image]


Obituary of Hiram Bennett

Mesquite Texas

This is from the front page of the Dallas Morning News dated Sunday, July 22, 1888


Hiram Bennett

Mesquite, Texas., July 21. Mr. Hiram Bennett, the oldest man in this county, died this afternoon, about 1:30 o'clock, aged 95 years. He was surrounded by his children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and even little babes of the fourth generation. To the day of his illness his mind was clear and bright. He was universally admired, having been a moral and a good man and a lifetime member of the Primitive Baptist church.

Hiram Bennett's Service

More About Hiram Bennett:

Elected 1: 30 Dec 1848, recieved commission for Juctice of the Peace for Precinct #1, Dallas County, Texas.

Elected 2: 1832, Justice Of the Peace , Franklin County,, Georgia.

Elected 3: 31 Jul 1846, bonded as constable of Precinct #1 Dallas, Texas12.

Military service: Bet. 1820 - 1827, Captain`of the Militia, Franklin County, Georgia.

Nationality: Citizen of the Republic of Texas.

Occupation: Farmer.

Religion: Primitive Baptist Church.

Children with Theodocia Dobbs


Children of Hiram Bennett and Theodocia Dobbs are:

+William Hardy Bennett, b. 30 May 1825, Franklin Co., GA, d. 30 May 1898, Mesquite, Dallas Co., TX.

James Madison Bennett, b. 1823, Pendleton Dist., SC, d. 15 Jan 1883, Mesquite, Dallas Co., TX.

Delilah C. Bennett, b. 1823, Pendleton Dist., SC, d. 1874, Collin Co., TX.

Elisha Williams Bennett, b. 07 Dec 1828, Georgia.

Sarah Ann Bennett, b. 12 Jan 1831, Cobb Co., GA, d. 05 Feb 1920, Healdsburg, CA.

Lewis Clark Bennett, b. 07 Jan 1833, Georgia.

Elijah David Bennett, b. 12 Mar 1835, Alabama, d. 14 Aug 1907, Dallas Co., TX.

Lidia Jane Bennett, b. 31 Mar 1836, Alabama.

Josiah Leath Bennett, b. 26 Jan 1839, Alabama, d. 08 Jan 1896, Ellensburg, WA.

Mary Jane Bennett, b. 23 Nov 1842, Arkansas, d. 18 Dec 1895, San Antonio, TX.

Children of Hiram Bennett and Sarah D. Dougan are:

Dallas, Texas

Children of Hiram Bennett and Sarah D. Dougan are:

John Calhoun Bennett, b. 21 Oct 1847, Cedar Springs, Dallas Co., TX, d. 10 Jul 1932, Lawson, Mesquite, TX.

Bain Bennett.

Berg Bennett.

Solomon Monroe Bennett, b. 25 Dec 1849, Cedar Springs, Dallas Co., TX, d. 01 Mar 1920, Talpa, Coleman Co., TX.

Emily Elizabeth Bennett, b. 30 Apr 1852, Dallas, Dallas Co., TX, d. 02 May 1942, Clinton, Custer Co., OK.

Enoch Noah Bennett, b. 04 Nov 1854, Cedar Springs, Dallas Co., TX, d. 01 Nov 1925.

Martha Naomi Bennett, b. 05 May 1857, Cedar Springs, Dallas Co., TX, d. 11 Feb 1942, Mesquite, Dallas Co., TX.

Alfred Lane Bennett, b. 28 Jan 1861, Cedar Springs, Dallas Co., TX, d. 22 Jan 1931, Gainesville, TX.

Alphus Stephenson Bennett, b. 28 Jan 1861, Cedar Springs, Dallas Co., TX, d. 24 Jun 1905, Mulberry, Crawford Co., AR.

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