CG-4A Glider Pilot Training Manual

CG-4A Glider Pilot Training Manual


Prepared for Headquarters AFF. March 1945.

Pilot manual introduction: Your Job

    You have an important job-that of carrying airborne troops and equipment behind enemy lines, over unfamiliar territory, and into strange landing areas. It's a big responsibility, and demands your best.
    Glider flying calls for no techniques unfamiliar to the power pilot, but it does require a new emphasis on certain old techniques. To he a competent glider pilot, for instance, you must be a specialist in landings. The success of any glider mission depends on your ability to land your passengers and cargo safely at a given point and time. There are no reserves in an airborne invasion. If you fail to deliver your load at the right spot, you may turn victory into failure and cause a needless sacrifice of life.
    Contrary to popular belief, the glider is not limited to a single mission. Neither are you. The ground combat training you receive is to enable you to defend yourself until you can be evacuated for another mission.
    Your primary responsibility is flying. Your secondary duty, since it is not always feasible to evacuate you immediately upon landing, is to fight as a ground soldier with the airborne troops you have transported. Only your primary duty-that of flying-is considered in this manual.
    Glider flying under conditions encountered in combat demands all the knowledge and skill you can acquire. There are no nearby towns to illuminate the sky at night and no welcome airfields on which to land; high trees may block your approach, and rock-strewn, stumpstudded fields may endanger your landing. The additional hazard of ground fire further complicates the task.
    Your training conditions you to overcome natural instincts under such circumstances, and follow correct procedures designed to get you down safely. In training you fly under a merciless sun in a monotonous pattern. You fly at night under adverse conditions. If it seems unnecessary at the time, remember that such training prepares you for combat .. Take advantage of it.

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