about 1841 1
, Madison, Arkansas, USA 1
12 Jun 1863 1
Missouri 1

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about 1841 1
, Madison, Arkansas, USA 1
Female 1
12 Jun 1863 1
Missouri 1
Cause: Childbirth 1
Mother: Elizabeth Holmsley 1
Father: Jesse Hawk/Hock 1
James Leonard Wood 1
about 1860 1
Missouri 1
To: 12 Jun 1863 1

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  1. Contributed by sherripark


Died in childbirth


Rachel Trent says she was born in Arkansas, as does the census records for Sarah's son, Jesse. She died 12 Jun 1863 according to her James L. Wood in his application for a federal pension. Rachel said she is buried near Cassville or Pierce City, MO. Also that she is of Welsh or Irish descent.

1860 census of Crain Creek Twp., Barry County, MO:

Hawk, G. W. 23, M, Ark.

Laura 21, F, Ky.

James WOOD 23, M, MO.

Sarah E. 21, F, Ark.

According to this census, Sarah's birthdate would have been about 1840 or 1841 in Arkansas.

I am uncertain of the birth dates of her children, George and Mary. I decided to use the dates on the Hawk/Hock website.

The following is information from Michael Brower:


1310-1285 HAWK, G W 23 m AR farmer
Laura 20 KY
WOOD, James 23 MO farmer
Sarah E 21 AR

Notes: George Washington "Gee" HAWK, s/o John and Unknown GROVE Hawk? Or George Washington HAWK, s/o Jesse & Elizabeth HOLMESLEY Hawk? (above) #1085-1060

Question 2: Sarah E. (nee Hawk) - Is she daughter of Jesse Hawk?

Sarah's first two children were Jesse Tipton and George Washington Wood. Jesse's middle name, Tipton, came from his paternal grandfather could Jesse have come from his maternal grandfather? Also, George Washington was a common name in the Hawk family but not in the Wood family.

Sarah was also born in Arkansas, the same as Jesse Hawk's other children. She would also have fallen nicely between two of the other children.

It is oral tradition that the Wood younger Wood family had some Indian blood. I believe that it came through the Hawk/Hock family

(Posed by Michael James Brower Mail Archive <> Subj: Hawk/Hock query)


Larry Hock RE: Early Madison County Family Ties', 1);>

Thanks, Sherri. Also by 1860 Sarah's sister, Lucinda, was married to Andrew Baker Davis and her brother, George W, was married to Laura Lynn. In Barry County, MO, John Hawk and his sons had married into the Smith, Owens, Weekly and Porter families.

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