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J B Turley 1
Age in 1860: 59 1
Kentucky 1
Male 1
Estimated Birth Year: 1801 1
Place: Lamine Township, Cooper County, Missouri 1
From: 1860 1

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  1. Census - US Federal 1860 [See image]


Jesse B. Turley The Turley family settled in LaMine Twp., Cooper County about 1810-1812. Militia Rolls indicate that Stephen and Samuel Turley and members of the Carson, McMahan, and Jones families helped defend the early Boonslick settlements from Indian attacks during the War of 1812. These families were from Madison County, KY. StephenTurley (b. about 1788: Rowan County, NC) married Elizabeth Jones, daughter of David Jones, on October 19, 1809 in Madison County, KY. The Jones family also moved to Cooper County. Stephen died in El Dorado, California in December 1851. Elizabeth died in 1879 in Cooper County. Samuel Turley (b. about 1790; Rowan County, NC) married Mary Farris. The family is recorded in the 1860 and 1870 Cooper County census. Samuel died in October 1870. Jesse B. Turley (b. May 30, 1801) married Juliett A. Riddle in Cooper County on February 14, 1822. By about 1829, Jesse "established a trade across the trackless plains with Santa Fe, which he kept up...for a generation, making his trips...until at last he was stricken down by the hand of death in the city of the cactus and semi-civilized Mexican". In the early 1840's, he was in partnership with Henry C. Miller and Philip W. Thompson. Philip's wife was Brunette Lawless, sister of Burton and Bradford Lawless. The Thompsons lived on a 1400 acre estate, "Chestnut Hill", about a mile west of Arrow Rock. In 1855, Jesse, a slave owner, was elected to represent LaMine Twp. at a pro-slavery meeting in Lexington. Jesse died in August 1861 and is buried in Santa Fe. Juliett died on July 14, 1873 and is buried in the Samuel McMahan family cemetery in Cooper County. Simeon Turley (b. 1805; Madison County, KY) was living at Arroyo Hondo, north of Taos, New Mexico by about 1830. He owned a large ranch, mill, distillery, and trading post. The distillery produced "Taos Lightning" which he traded to the Indians for furs and buffalo robes. The whiskey was well-known throughout the Southwest and Colorado Rockies. Jesse's trade was centered at Taos and Arroyo Hondo until his brother's death. Simeon was killed on January 19, 1847 during the Mexican Insurrection/Taos Revolt. He left a wife and children in New Mexico. In 1856, Kit Carson dictated his autobiography to Jesse B.Turley who gave the transcript to DeWitt C. Peters. Peters published it in 1858 as "The Life and Adventures of Kit Carson", a glorified and embellished version of the stories Kit told to his friend, Jesse. Kit was none too happy, but the book promoted the legend of the runaway saddle-maker from Franklin, Missouri.

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