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A G Boone 1
Age in 1860: 53 1
Kentucky 1
Male 1
Estimated Birth Year: 1807 1
Place: Westport Division Thirty Five, Jackson County, Missouri 1
From: 1860 1

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  1. Census - US Federal 1860 [See image]


Albert Gallatin Boone (b. 1806) and his brother, Van Daniel (b. 1814), were sons of Daniel Morgan Boone and grandsons of Daniel Boone, the legendary pioneer from Oley, Berks County, Pennsylvania. In 1838, Albert and Van settled in Westport and established a supply and outfitting business. From 1854 to 1859, Albert owned Boone's Trading Post. The store "dealt in everything from groceries to Negro slaves" and "outfitted Santa Fe traders and sold to the home folks." During the Border Wars, the store was a meeting place for pro-slavery advocates from the "Little Dixie" areas of west-central Missouri. Westport was known as "one of the most violent border towns", a "nest of Border Ruffians and Secessionists". A northern Abolitionist who traveled through Westport to Kansas described it as a "pugnacious and fire-eating town." In late 1860, Albert G. Boone moved to the Colorado Territory, bought a large ranch south of Pueblo, and served as an Indian Agent. He died in Denver in 1884.

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